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Our Process

Throughout our work with architects, construction managers and owners DesignIntent has followed a structured approach to connecting indoor spaces with outdoor living experiences. Owners usually come up with multitudes of ideas and images into the process. We at DesignIntent then channel their vision through our creative melding of aesthetics and function. We enjoy involving the client in the design process by adopting a guided approach sharing with them the design intent every step of the way. See more on our approach to design, in our Bio section.


Landscape Architects provide services that improve the quality and hence the value of properties. The trees and other plantings, well thought out layouts, pools, and outdoor features add a contemporary touch to your project. In accordance with the value-add, our fees can be from 5-12% of the cost of construction, based on the complexity of the project.

Schematic Design and Design Development are fixed fee, while Construction Documentation, which can vary based on the jurisdiction, is hourly. Construction Administration is also charged on an hourly basis. Our rates are competitive, call us today at 415-475-9231 for more details!

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