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California's Great America Park
For this sprawling 90 acre project, we provided conceptual design for six distinct spaces, three of which were eating and entertaining areas. The fourth was a central paved area, called the Midway, which was vast and curvacious. The fifth was a New Ride whose edges needed landscaping and had a proposed Green Roof that will be retrofitted at a later stage. In all the projects spanned over a year, and are still being photographed. Our concept was to keep within the CGA palette of pavers and planting. For the New Orleans Court, we had a southern plant palette, with Magnolia and Boxwood, while Maggie Brown was a low-water use, California pallette. 
IMG_2959 (1).jpg
Avana Apartment Complex
A multi-family dwelling required their clubhouse to be renovated, and we provided landscape and irrigation drawings. While their existing landscape was already green, we added a few accents and potted plants to brighten up the space!
IMG_2969 (1).jpg
Streetscape - Eastwood Association

Eastwood Community's Civic Association was keen on getting the design of a median done so that the entry sign to their neighborhood could be show cased. They are redeveloping public access and major thoroughfares as a way to make the neighborhood more attractive.

The design involved three alternatives, from which they picked one to develop into a planting plan. The plants included native grasses, perennials and drought tolerant trees.  The client's representative managed timelines on the installation, and also provided feedback from the association.

Commercial & Institutional
These are a few of the commercial projects which included landscape planting plans and irrigation drawings. For some of these projects we were sub-consultants to architects and engineers.
Our Collaborative Partners

During the course of our projects we team up with other consultants, usually in the landscape industry - contractors, horticulturists and licenced irrigators. We also work as sub-consultants for Architects, Engineers and Landscape Architects.

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