Landscape Architecture is my heart's passion

I completed my Master's in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University and moved to the warmer city of Houston in '99. The summer of 1998 was very adventurous with an internship in Berlin, Germany where I saw a great deal of European landscape architecture. I traveled extensively throughout Germany and visited castles, parks, zoos and urban plazas that inspired my work.


Since then I've worked for several Landscape Architecture firms on public, corporate, educational and residential projects.

From 2003 onwards my career took a turn toward project management and construction administration. I was hired as In-house Architect for a bio-medical company where I managed and designed in-house renovations, installations and on-going maintenance projects.  

In February 2010, DesignIntent was born to channel my design talents and produce landscape architectural works that are low-maintenance and yet very beautiful! Since then we have designed and installed more than 30 landscape architectural projects - commercial, residential, apartment complexes and streetscapes. 



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