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Hill Country Contemporary

This project was very design intensive and involved existing plants being incorporated into a new design. The results were an amazing array of spaces grand and cozy. The owners were very pleased with the outcome and even complimented the contractor on his workmanship. 

Farmhouse Modern
Nestled in a wooded site with two large Oak Trees in the backdrop, this project was a study in plants that do well in shade, and under Oak trees. The plant palette included Heucheras, Dwarf Coyote Bush and Hydrangea. Other features included toning down the outdoor kitchen area with muted colors and adding a well-defined border to make the space seem more compact. Adding more planting also re-scaled the vast concrete structure and soften the edges and add a touch of greenery!
River Oaks - French Eclectic
Tracy and Valerie Dieterich's home and garden are made for each other. The colors, style, textures and furniture all match! A tradional french style courtyard garden originally designed by C.C.Fleming, the walks and paving have a raised edging, which are symbolic of his style. The new design blended these elements with well spaced grass-jointed pavers and formal beds.
Hillsborough Mediterranean

This home has several interesting features, the most important one being that the lot is already nestled in green and surrounded by a forest of trees. New construction involved removing and replacing all the paving (asphalt) and building a new unit on the lot. Planting included shade-loving Mahonia, Giant Treefern, Huecheras and Plumbago with plenty of color from Lantana and Daisies.

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