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 About Us

Ruhina is a Landscape Architect in California. She has a Masters in Landscape Architecture and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. She brings 20 years of experience in design and project management. She has worked with several architectural and engineering firms since 1995, including reputed landscape architecture firms such as SWA Group (Houston), Oikos (India) and Buro Dieterich Landschaftsarchitect (Germany). She started DesignIntent in February of 2010 and has since completed over 60 residential and commercial projects crossing the $5 million mark in construction.

Through their work with architects, construction managers and owners DesignIntent has a structured approach to connecting indoor spaces with outdoor living experiences. Clients usually come with multitudes of ideas and images into the process. We at DesignIntent then channel their vision through our creative melding of aesthetics and function. We enjoy involving the client in the design process by adopting a guided approach sharing with them the design intent every step of the way.